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A conceptual framework for developing adaptation indicators
A farm advisory system model
A GIS-based approach to adaptation to regional climate change for decision-making by local government: Case study of Okutama-machi in Tokyo, Japan
A role-play simulation exercise to deal with uncertainty: review of a game
Adaptation advice and delivery in England: The Environment Agency Climate Ready Support Service
Adaptation governance: identifying and addressing institutional and behavioral barriers to adaptation
Adaptation to Changes in Ambient Temperature and Implications for Public Health
Adaptation to climate change by organisations
Adaptation turning points in the Rhine
adapting infrastructure to climate change impacts
AdMit it: climate change responses can be systematic and successful; but require more collaborative governance systems
Agricultural adaptation to climate change under different policy environments in the European Union – An integrated assessment of the impacts
Analysing adaptation to climate change in the water and the agricultural sectors in the Spanish Guadiana basin
Anticipating extreme showers in urban areas, dealing with uncertainties
Approach for Flood Risk Management with focus on stakeholders and capacity building
Assessing the climate change fitness of spatial planning in the Alpine space
Assessing the potential impacts of climate change on the railway network of Great Britain
Assessing the vulnerability of biodiversity to climate change
Assessment of climate change impacts on irrigation systems in southern Portugal
Assessment of robust policy responses for adaptation to the impacts of climate change
Assessment of the World Bank Group experience with climate change adaptation


Biodiversity conservation for Finnish semi-natural grasslands in a changing climate
Building the climate proof Melton Vale-16 school.
Business Change - turning Science into Steady State Delivery


C3-Alps - capitalising climate change knowledge in the Alpine Space
Case of Copenhagen
Case of Hamburg
Catalan Climate Change Action: A sub national case in Europe
Challenges for dairy farming under climate change in Central Europe – Results from the Lower-Saxony KLIFF-research framework
Climate Adaptaion and Industrial Areas - Guidelines and Tools for Business Companies and Disseminators
Climate adaptation challenges of small and medium sized insurance companies
Climate adaptation versus sustainability? Strategies emerging within the port and logistics sector of Northwest Germany
Climate adapted transition in land use – a GIS-based adaptive management approach
Climate change impact assessment as a basis for adaptation in Saxony-Anhalt
Climate Change in the Brazilian Undergraduate Students Mind: Brazilians Global Warming Beliefs, Attitudes and trust in 2013
Climate policy mainstreaming in the EU: origins, opportunities and limits
Climate vulnerability assessment for urban areas in the Netherlands
Communicating climate risk: Applications of the Climate Futures tourism adaptation tool
Comparing the evaluation frameworks of European National Adaptation Strategies
Conceptual and Methodological Reflections on Vulnerability Assessments: A Comprehensive Focus on Inequality and Capacity for Change
Constructing Legitimacy for Climate Change Planning: A Study of Local Government in Denmark
Corporate pioneers response to climate change impacts
Cost-Benefit Analysis and Adaptation: An Health Sector Application in the Context of Heat-waves
Cost-effectiveness of Climate Change Adaptation Strategies for RC Structures Exposed to Chloride Ingress: Application to Existing Structures in France
Costs and benefits of adaptation to rising sea levels in the EU throughout the 21st century


Dealing with uncertainties in stormwater management
Developing multi-disciplinary methodologies to generate the scientific basis for adaptation projects
Development of a macro-regional strategy for the Baltic Sea Region
Do we have the courage to change? Adapting to climate change from the “inside-out”


Ecosystem-based Adaptation in European water management projects
Ecosystems and institutional fit: governing ecosystem service provision for climate adaptation
Embedding Adaptive Management into the Legal Framework: Examples from the Netherlands
Embedding Climate Change Adaptation in Reflexive Governance Procedures for Sustainable development. Coping with Complexity and Heterogeneous Perspectives
Embedding Climate Change Governance of Climate Change Adaptation: the role of interests, conflicts and annoying societal plurality
Enhancing the robustness of river flood risk systems in view of climate change
Evaluating adaptation to climate change: Analytical conceptualization and application in cost-benefit analysis
Evaluating uncertainty in a multi-sectoral, climate change impacts and adaptation assessment in Europe
Evaluation of adaptation options under global change uncertainty: an integrated tool for water resources management
Evapotranspiration and the Urban Heat Island
Exploring cultural changes toward climate adaptation: Learning from the Taiwanese ethnic group Hakka
Exploring diverse knowledge systems for adaptation: the case of the Swedish Mistra-SWECIA programme


Flood risks and urban responses under a changing climate: Application of a multi-agent model in Shenzhen, China
Forest Fires and Adaptation Options in Europe
Framework for monitoring and evaluation of adaptation policies
"From the ground up": farm-level vulnerability to climate and other stressors in eastern New Zealand


Global scenarios as tools for regional policy planning: the case of climate change, bioenergy, and conservation of European birds.
Guidance on Dealing with Uncertainties in Climate and Climate Change Adaptation


Health Effects of Climate Change and Adaptation Measures in the UK
Helsinki Regional adaptation strategy
How sensitive are decisions and behavior to climate change knowledge and impacts studies? Qualitative Interview Findings from Regional Governance Networks


In search for more robust flood protection concepts in the Dutch Wadden area
Indicators for Quantifying the Adaptive Effect of Adaptation Activities
Innovation as a way to reduce the cost of adaptation to climate change
Integrating ecosystem-based adaptation in Guyana’s national adaptation policy: Rationale and pathways
Internalizing cross sectoral effects into cost-effectiveness adaptation analysis
Investment in flood protection under climate change uncertainty in the Eastern Brahmaputra Plains, Assam, India
Italian approach to develop a National Adaptation Strategy – lessons learnt from other European efforts


Knowledge integration of local stakeholders, experts and scientists into bio-physical modelling for regional vulnerability assessment


Lessons from Jordan
Lessons from United Arab Emirates
Limits to adaptation
Local development and climate change adaptation in the Alps: a case study on sustainable winter tourism in the Dolomites


Main challenges for monitoring adaptation and overview of frameworks
Mainstreaming climate change concerns into the EU Water Framework Directive: progress to date and barriers to further implementation
management perspective
Matches and gaps between impacts of climate change on biodiversity, adaptation options and EU policy
Meet the interface of climate adaptation governance: A case study on water management from Taiwan
Methods and Reflections on Transdisciplinary Research
Migration and Climate Adaptation: Cases in Northwestern Africa
modelling results
Modelling the provision of adaptation public goods: The case of neighbourhood support during heat waves
Moving Towards Transformed Resilience Monitoring and Evaluating Community-Based Adaptation


Naturally safe: using ecosystem processes to develop resilient living environments with climate change


Options for climate-proofing Dutch freshwater supplies
Overcoming Barriers to Climate Adaptation in the Energy Sector with the Resilience Approach
overview on how countries are dealing with uncertainties


PACC – lessons learnt from a Swiss - Peruvian Climate Change Adaptation Program
Participatory design of farm level adaptation to climate risks in an arable region in the Netherlands
Participatory GIS as a tool for Flood Mapping in climate change adaptation; A study of Batticaloa City, Sri Lanka
Participatory Mapping for Drought Resilience in Jalna District, Maharashtra, India
Participatory monitoring as a tool for adaptive water governance
Ports and climate adaptation: Managing flood risk in international harbors
Private building precautionary measures contribute to integrated flood risk management and support climate change adaptation
Process- and outcome-based indicators
Protecting German North Sea Estuaries in Times of Climate Change


Reflection on climate adaptive rural areas
Reflexive Multi-Criteria Evaluation as a Tool to Integrate Multiple Values of Scientists and Stakeholders
Relevant psychological factors for behavioral adaptation to climate change
Resilience as a strategy for adaptation of fresh water systems to uncertain future changes in the climate
Risk assessment of climate change impact on railway infrastructure – Dutch case study
Roadmap 2020: Towards a regional strategy for climate change adaptation


Sharing experience with dealing with handling uncertainties in climate change decision-making (World café method)
Spatial cost-benefit analysis to optimize effective use of flood-risk reducing measures in unembanked areas
Stand alone and web based decision support systems for climate change adaptation: the ClimWatAdapt Project (Climate Adaptation – modelling water scenarios and sectoral impacts)
Supporting adaptation through European cohesion policy


The AMICE project : Adaptation of the Meuse to the Impacts of Climate Evolutions
the concept
The Conceptualization and Legal Framework of Assisted Migration
The diffusion of policy innovations: climate change adaptation in EU Member States
The environmental, economic and social impact of climate change in Greece.
The European Climate Adaptation Platform (CLIMATE-ADAPT)
The Green Deserts project: reforestation of dry areas with Waterboxxes
The influence of local cultural values on the governance of adaptation
The need to move from mastering to coping with climate uncertainties
the possible impact of climate change on the Italian energy sector
The socio-cultural construction of willingness to adapt in coastal communities in the US with reference to coastal communities in Europe
The Swiss adaptation strategy: goals, challenges and fields of action in adapting to climate change
The use of ecosystem-based approaches to climate change adaptation and mitigation: barriers and success factors
Towards an institutional economics programme of climate change adaptation: What can we learn from existing empirical case-study evidence?
Towards an integrated Evaluation framework of Climate Change Adaptation projects
Traditional Knowledge in Climate Change Adaptation –Anambra State, Nigeria Case Study
Transformational Communities
Two New Frameworks for Acceptable, Generalizable Climate Adaptation: Case Studies from Agriculture


Vulnerability and risk assessment in San Francisco Bay Area to support decision making
Vulnerability assessment extended: from climate change to structural weaknesses


What financial tools for adapting our infrastructures to climate change?
What is the Value of “Twisting the Lion’s Tail”? Evaluating the use of Policy Experiments in Adaptation Governance and how they can facilitate Learning