Call for Abstracts closed

We received more than 540 abstracts for the themes 1-12 and accepted around 200.

ECCA Reviewers

  • Neil Adger
  • Frans Berkhout
  • Laurens Bouwer
  • Maha Bouzid
  • Mar Cabeza
  • Tim Carter
  • Peter Driessen
  • Martina Floerke
  • Joyeeta Gupta
  • Jim Hall
  • Stephane Hallegatte
  • Paula Harrison
  • Constanze Haug
  • Jochen Hinkel
  • Andries Hof
  • Ian Holman
  • Dave Huitema
  • Paul Hunter
  • Jill Jäger
  • Andy Jordan
  • Richard Klein
  • Onno Kuik
  • Kasper Kok
  • Tobias Lung
  • Karen O'Brien
  • Claudia Pahl-Wostl
  • Martin Parry
  • György Pataki
  • Tony Patt
  • Tim Rayner
  • Santi Sabaté
  • Karl-Heinz Simon
  • Michalis Skourtos
  • Rob Swart
  • Katrien Termeer
  • Rob Tinch
  • Pier Vellinga
  • Paul Watkiss

Call for Abstracts

We invite you to submit abstracts for oral presentation in the parallel sessions, as well as abstracts for posters. We seek high-quality research, as well as highly relevant input from practitioners and policymakers. Abstracts will be evaluated by a scientific committee and external experts.

The main theme of the conference is integrating climate into action. Major topics to be covered will include:

  • climate vulnerability assessment
  • risk assessment
  • economics of adaptation
  • decision-making under uncertainty
  • governance of adaptation
  • adaptation strategies and planning
  • mainstreaming climate adaptation
  • adaptation cases studies: organisational, sectoral and regional
  • monitoring and measuring adaptation
  • impact and effectiveness studies
  • role of tools and knowledge in adaptation
  • communicating impacts, vulnerability and adaptation


Make a major scientific contribution to understanding adaptation in action by citizens, business and in policy

Encourage fruitful interaction between researchers and with practitioners

Highlight the development of (European) research networks on climate adaptation

Identify new needs for research and action

Contributions to present papers, posters and sessions *) are welcomed from participants from Europe and internationally. We encourage theoretical, empirical and practice-based contributions. Special emphasis will be given to contributions that are scientifically novel or which give particular insights into adaptation in action in Europe and internationally.

Conference sessions

Science sessions *): Latest results from research are presented and discussed.

Practitioner sessions **): Sessions in which both scientists and practitioners (or only practitioners) present and discuss common issues related to uncertainty, costs and benefits, strategies, governance, tools. 

Science-practice interactions **): Researchers and practitioners work together on resolving an adaptation challenge defined by a decision-maker or practitioner.


*) If you have an idea for a complete science session, please use this format to submit your session proposal (deadline 15 October). Format-for-complete-science-sessions.doc

In addition to this overview about your session idea please send the abstracts of the presentations that will be part of your session with the format to the persons, indicated under 'contact to submit your session idea' (see last part of this format).


**) For submission of ideas and/or organisation of practitioner sessions and science-practice interaction sessions (deadline 30. September), please fill out a special format that you find below or contact: